Chroma 2016

The concept of the latest production sees itself as the consistent continuation of the “European Standards” idea.

We are creating a programme that does not see a typical European jazz route as one which distances itself as far as possible from its defining roots. On the contrary: the aim is that the promise already hinted at by the instrumentation – organ / guitar / drums and horns – should truly be fulfilled. The groove aspect will be greatly in evidence in 2016.

Our title Chroma is both a historical and ideational cross-reference to the culture of our Greek guests, Antonis and Asterios. In musicological terms, the definition of the term goes in different directions whereby we particularly like that variant which cites Chroma as a tonality with nuances of pitch that are significantly finer than semitones and, for a jazz player, the magic of the blues is instantly present. In sum: a fabulous playground for teasing out jazzy ideas – at the heart of the most ancient part of Europe.